Systems and Software for Medical Informatics

Advances in high performance computing and machine learning has allowed researchers to make better use of data in both medical research and clinical care. The ability to undertake data-driven science has led to initiatives such as Precision Medicine Initiative and the Cancer Moonshot — multi-year efforts that hold the promise of changing not only our understanding of disease and but also the development and delivery of therapy. A key ingredient is providing investigators the tools to tame the ever increasing data deluge. That’s where we come in. Our lab specializes in novel systems and software for managing, exploring and processing biomedical data. While our lab tends to focus on medical imaging based studies, in the area of cancer, the tools are fairly generic and have found use in non-imaging and non-cancer projects such as transplants and public health informatics.


  • Jan. 2017: Excited to take over as chair of the Biomedical Imaging Informatics Working Group of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)
  • Dec. 2016: Ashish Sharma recognized for leading the development of biomedical informatics education and training at Emory.
  • Nov. 2016: AMIA Pre-Symposium on Quantitative Imaging and Imaging Informatics
  • Sep. 2016: Pradeeban Kathiravelu and Ashish Sharma presented their work on Data Cafe at the Workshop on Data Management and Analytics for Medicine and Healthcare, held in New Delhi, in conjunction with the 42nd VLDB conference.

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Updated: 2/1/2017 Our lab has multiple openings for full time staff as well as students who are interested in the application of computational science in medicine [Learn More]